Laboratory Facilities for the 5 Year M.Sc. (Biotech & Bioinfo.) Students

• General Laboratory – 1 for biochemistry, and biotechnology practical.
• General laboratory – 2 for microbiology, cell biology, and molecular biology practical.
• Computational facility for bioinformatics practical.

Research Laboratories / Facilities

• Animal cell culture facility.
• Plant tissue culture facility.
• Microbiology laboratory facility.
• Fluorescence microscopy facility.
• Molecular biology laboratory.
• UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.

The research facilities of the department are being extensively used by the researchers of neighboring Universities/Institutions/Laboratories either through collaboration. Also utilizing the well-established research laboratories available in the YVU campus in individual departments and also sophisticated instruments available at Central Instrumentation facilities, Sir C V Raman Science Complex, YVU campus.

Learning Resources

Departmental Library has a number of subject books and titles for promoting effective learning among students and research scholars.
Students are encouraged to visit Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Central Library and utilize the facilities. Powerpoint presentations using LCD, animated pictures/movies related to concepts of biotechnology and bioinformatics and their practical experiments etc., are shown to students for better understanding. All teachers can access the internet through their personal computers and engage online classes on the Microsoft Teams platform.
Computer Facilities are available for all the students of biotechnology and bioinformatics. Students utilize these systems for their practical work and perform docking and other bioinformatics experiments in the presence of a teacher.