Year of Establishment


About Department

Five-year Integrated M. Sc. in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics course established in Yogi Vemana University from the academic year 2007-08 with the intake of 20 students. The Biotechnology and Bioinformatics course is designed to help the students gain enough knowledge and an adequate practical understanding of contemporary Biology and Biotechnology so that they can pursue research in frontier areas in biotechnology. The duration of this course is 5 years (10 semesters) and as per the New Education Policy 2020, the course has been designed with multiple exits or entry options with appropriate certificates (certificate after completing 1 year, or a diploma after 2 years of study, or a Bachelor’s degree after a 3-year programme, or Bachelor’s degree with honors/Research after a 4-year programme, and finally Master’s degree after completion of 5 years).

The Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics currently has four full-time faculty members and four academic consultants. A team of highly-qualified, experienced faculty members specialized in thrust research areas viz: Plant biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, animal biotechnology, cancer biology, proteomics and bioinformatics, have a great passion to share their knowledge with the students and collaborate with other departments. In addition, one (1) technical assistant, one (2) Laboratory Assistant and 1 office assistant are working in the department. The faculty of the Department has published around 300 articles in journals of international repute with high-impact factor and authored 3 books in their respective disciplines. Faculty has successfully guided 9 Ph.D. scholars and currently 6 research scholars are pursuing research in the department.

Teaching / Learning and Evaluation

The department assesses its teaching, and learning activities through the following:

  • Accessibility of course material to students, Student attendance, Regular monitoring of students performance, assignments, seminars and debates.
  • Remedial classes are organized for academically weak students based on their needs.
  • Board of Studies, Feedback and Self-appraisals & Academic audit, Periodic evaluation, Internal assessment, Semester-end examinations, External valuation (Valuation & Viva-voce) and Transparency in evaluation.
  • Student feedback on Teachers.
  • Teachers are deputed for refresher and orientation courses.
  • Skill Oriented Course – Hands on training experiments for theory classe
  • Minor Research Project.
  • Major Research Project (6 month external industry/institute project) with External evaluation.
Seminars / Conference / Symposia / Workshops / Guest Lecturers Conducted
  • The department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics is regularly organizing a series of lectures for the students by inviting Eminent Professors/Scientists from reputed Institutions / Laboratories.
  • The Department is organizing Biotechnology Awareness camps within and offside campus.
  • The Department is organizing national and international seminars as well as conferences regularly to advance students’ knowledge in the field of biotechnology and bioinformatics.
Community and Extension Activities
  • As a part of the service to society objective of the University, the department has conducted awareness programmes on the importance of biotechnology in agriculture and health to the rural people.
  • Organizing health camps by the department students in nearby villages of Yogi Vemana University.
  • Organizing open house/science exhibitions for secondary school students every year on the occasion of National Science Day and motivating them to pursue their higher education in science.
Future Plans / Activities
  • To improve infrastructure and equipment facilities in the teaching/research laboratories of Biotechnology and bioinformatics.
  • To develop a Center of Excellence with advanced research facilities in the areas of Animal biotechnology, Plant biotechnology and its role in increasing the shelf life of foods to brighten the economy of farmers.
  • To develop the Bioinformatics Centre at Yogi Vemana University to cater to the scientific needs of the regional scientific community.
  • To establish the Centre for Biotechnology & Bioinformatics under financial support from DST-FIST/DBT-PURSE programs.